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Hello world! December 31, 2006

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I’m leaving the wordpress assigned title to this first blog, because really what else am I going to say?

I feel like I should explain my purpose for being here, don’t you? Well it’s fitting that I start this blog on the last day of 2006. A lot has happened to me this year. Mostly good things — I got married and had a baby. And some weird things — all pregnancy and baby related. And some not so good things — job related. Anywho…all through my pregnancy and first few months postpartum I kept saying “i should start a blog and let people know what I think about all this baby stuff'”. Which is not to say that that’s all I’ll be writing about, but it does consume my daily thoughts right now. So the blog will probably evolve as I do and of course isn’t that what good blogs do?

My son is 4.5 months right now and I’ve spent the last four months being slightly (and some days more than slightly) pissed off at new moms everywhere. Why? Because we tend as a group not to tell the truth. To our single or married kidless friends, we glorify the whole experience and leave out the gory details. To our other new mom friends we are in a competition for everything….to see who breastfed longest, who lost weight soonest, who had sex first, whose kid is bigger, smarter, talking or walking first. So my main intent is to tell the truth. Not because I want to discourage anyone from having a kid — certainly not! I love my little nutterbutter more than life itself — but I sure would have been more prepared for what was going to happen to me if my friends and acquaintances had just told the truth.

If you’re a mom, you probably can relate to what I’m saying. You know the whole “oh, I don’t even remember the birth…”, or “I don’t think sex was different after the baby….” or “I don’t even remember the first six weeks…”

And to all that I say — bullshit!!! You remember — yes you do. Somewhere in your little sleep-deprived, brain-fogged mommy mind….you remember all the gory details and I think it’s your duty and mine to pass them on. Maybe you’re not like me and you’d rather not know. But, I would rather be prepared. So I’m putting this disclaimer out there. If you’re thinking about getting pregnant or are pregnant and would rather be surprised about what is about to happen to you….you can stop reading now. That’s my fair warning.

Of course, as they say (and who are they?), every pregnancy and birth and kid is different, so this is just my account of what happened to me.